PHOTONIC THERAPY - There is No Need For Your Horse To Feel Pain

Now You Can Treat Your Horse For Over 40 Conditions Yourself

Many vets do not want you to know about photonic therapy. Why? Because it enables you to treat your horse for over 40 conditions yourself. Imaging how much money you will save?

A prominent Australian veterinarian surgeon ,who is arguably also Australia's leading acupuncturist, has developed an advanced form of acupuncture using red light instead of the traditional needles. He has perfected this technique over the past 20 years and is now teaching ordinary horse owners to apply it to their own horses without need to call a vet.

Photonic Therapy And Navicular Syndrome

Photonic therapy has proven very effective in treating navicular syndrome. Remember that Horses do not suffer from the placebo effect. They don't know that they are being treated for their condition, so cannot "believe" that they are better. They are either better or not.

You will believe it works when you see your horse improve almost immediately!

Christine's Experience

"After about 2 min or so she [the horse] sighed stretched, put the leg back under her, gently put some more weight on it and then fully rested on it, cleary relieved. I know my horse reasonably well regarding how she responds to brushing, petting, massaging, etc....but I had NEVER seen a reaction like this!

I was stunned and have since used my red light to relieve pain on my horse." Christine



Get Yourself A Photonic Therapy Kit

Each kit consists of one hi-tech red light torch that delivers exact amounts of red light to the skin at exactly the right depth to stimulate acupuncture points. It also contains a flash drive with all the information you need to treat over 40 conditions in horses. This includes clear illustrations of the points to be used for each condition and a set of 14 "standard points" that can be used for general horse health.

Imagine being able to avoid the inconvenience and cost of visiting the vet? How easy it will be to treat your horse at home? No horse owner who is serious about the health and well being of their horses should be without one. So go ahead and order yourself a kit now!

photonic therapy kit

There Is No Need For Your Horse To Be In Pain

You have probably tried everything else and are skeptical about photonic therapy. I don't blame you, it sure sounds too good to be true. Do your homework and see what results others are getting. Here's a place to start... The Photonic Therapy website. Visit now to learn more.

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